Winter in Kennebunkport

New England is a great place to live. In fact, it reminds me of Europe . . . so many interesting and beautiful places to visit and all a manageable distance away. The scenery in the mountains of Vermont to the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard couldn’t be more different, yet both are just a fun day-trip away.

My latest adventure was to Kennebunkport, Maine. A charming, waterside town just 2 hours north of Boston. During the summer months, Kennebunkport is a very popular destination, bustling with tourists from around the world. It is also a well-known vacation town for many prominent families, including  Former President Bush.

However, during the chilly winter days of a Maine winter, Kennebunkport takes on a whole different feel. One can really appreciate the beauty of this historic town with its quiet sidewalks, streets, and beaches.  Sure it’s cold, but just bundle up . . .  it’s worth it.

The entire town center was lit up with festive white lights for the holidays . . . along with a fresh coating of snow made for a storybook feel. Plenty of little novelty shops were open, as well as a wonderful selection of fine dining restaurants with locally caught seafood. The town tree was perfectly decorated with colorful buoys and lobster tree topper.kennebunkport-tree


Although the skies were mainly gray, the warm glow from all the beautifully restored antique homes surrounding the town center seemed to lite up the sky.antique-house


The beaches were cold . . . well, icy cold. However, this certainly didn’t stop an impressive number of surfers to zip on some wet suits and take advantage of the stormy ocean waves. True dedication.



Probably the most memorable part of my Kennebunkport stay was the “Locks of Love” on the small bridge in the town center. Happy couples have written their names on padlocks, locked them on the bridge and tossed the keys into the ocean. A romantic declaration of love . . . one I was lucky enough to take part in. Life is good.



3 comments on “Winter in Kennebunkport

  1. I like the opening photograph — the blue house in the see — very much. Its subtly nuanced colours and ist composition with the house withstanding the waves. Great! 🙂


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