My Snow Beast

It’s her birthday month . . . my sweet “Daffodil” (aka “Beast”) is turning 8. Where did the years go? Seems like yesterday I picked up my little, gray Newfoundland puppy at Logan Airport in Boston. She enthusiastically wiggled out of her shipping crate and instantly bonded with her forever family. Small enough to fit through the legs of my then 2 year old daughter, it was difficult to imagine her growing up to be the 100 lb+ girl she is today.frozen-drool

At age 8, Daffodil is now considered a senior, but it’s not slowing her down. She still turns heads as she strolls down the sidewalk on our morning walk to the harbor. Sure, her steps may be slower, but her spirit is strong.daffodil-tongue

Daffodil is in her element during these brutally cold winter months here in New England. Negative wind chills? Her nose points up to the breeze. Blizzard conditions? Perfect time for her to rest in the yard. Newfoundlands are equipped with a heavy duty double-coat and were originally bred to withstand swimming in freezing ocean water to aid fishermen with their nets. Daffodil would surely love to use her webbed paws anytime of year.daffodil-ball

So when the weather outside is frightful, it is Daffodil that makes me grab my camera and get outside into the snow. A perfect model, in her perfect environment, with eyes that look into my soul.

Happy Birthday, big girl! I hope it snows . . .




daffodil - dusting


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