We Saved Each Other

Life can be challenging. Just when you think you’ve got things figured out, someone throws you the unexpected curve-ball. Suddenly, everything changes. This has recently happened to me. A horseback riding injury left me unable (both physically and emotionally) to ride again. I was left feeling lost . . . riding is what I knew, and what I thought I would always do. I knew it was time to rediscover myself, but I knew I needed help. I needed new inspiration and focus. With the advice of my husband, (who knows me so well), that new focus arrived at my doorstep. Introducing “Tennessee” . . .tennessee-sleep

A sweet 8-week-old coonhound mix in desperate need of love and attention, and I was just the right person to help. We instantly bonded, and together we make an unstoppable team. I am helping her with her fears (the dark, trucks, big dogs, etc . . .) and she is helping me to forget mine. No longer am I worrying about what my future will hold, for the present is so great! What a wonderful feeling of peace.tennessee-paws

So, my new motto: make everyday an adventure. The time is now, and my partner is Tennessee. Together we will explore (hiking!), discover new things (photography!), and live life to the fullest. Things are definitely looking up.



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