Our Secret Island

We have our own island . . . or, we at least like to think we do. Well, we are usually the only people there during our visits. Sure, it may before 8:00 am on a Sunday morning, but for that time the island is all ours . . .


“Secret Island” to us, it is known to others as Crowninshield Island. This local gem can be found in our little seaside town of Marblehead. Protected by the Trustees of Reservations, the small island consists of grassy hills, petite sandy beaches, wooded trails, and endless rocks to climb.


The best part: the island offers expansive views of Marblehead Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean.  On our island there are no buildings, no cars, and no distractions. A truly spectacular coastal setting . . .


It’s our place to be one with nature and leave the stress of the world behind. To forget about daily worries, and just be consumed with the beauty that surrounds us. A time to regroup, recharge and reconnect. swing

With all it has to offer, why is it so under-used? It’s all about the timing . . . the island is only accessible by foot at low tide (with an entrance down a small private lane). In the colder months, be sure to bring your wellies. Walking through the wet low tide sand is a mushy experience, but an integral part of the adventure. During the warm summer months it’s even better . . . who doesn’t love a little sand between the toes?boat-island

During your trek, be sure to keep one eye to the ground. You will see little sand crabs scurrying around and hiding under rocks, with hopes of avoiding the hungry seagulls nearby.  seagull

Also plentiful are pieces of colorful beach glass, curvy branches of driftwood, and an infinite amount of empty little seashells. Treasures galore! On “Secret Island”, it’s hard not to be happy as a clam . . .smileshell


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