The Power of Flowers

I used to be a florist. For over 10 years, I managed by own business and had a blast. I started out with my small shop in downtown Marblehead, where I was able to meet a lot of locals which was great for a newcomer. I quickly began to feel part of the town, and loved that my job seemed to make others happy. It was then that I learned the amazing power of flowers.


Flowers change your mood. It’s true . . . multiple studies have actually been done. Research has shown when someone has fresh cut flowers in their home they are more likely to feel less anxiety, worried and depressed. They will actually feel more compassionate and kindness to others, and have an overall sense of happiness.lilac

I have witnessed this first-hand. During my 10 year gig, I delivered a countless number of flower bouquets to unsuspecting residents. There was never one time that someone didn’t smile to see me on their doorstep with an armful of colorful blooms reached out to them. Sometimes, there were even squeals of delight.


The best reactions always seemed to be during those cold, dark winter months or dreary, rainy days when we do feel our moods are rather dull. I loved to see that instant brightness and cheer to a face, their hands clutching their chest, and gasping a “thank you!” as if I just handed them a puppy. Talk about job satisfaction.mount airy

So, what happened? Why the early retirement? Sure my job had its happy perks, but it was a lot of work . . . endless trips to the Boston flower market at 4:00 am, hours upon hours of cleaning flowers, and crazy wedding weekends where all-nighters were the norm. Throw 3 kids into the mix, and it was time for a much needed change.daisy

Flowers are still a huge part of my life . . . I can’t live without them. I just enjoy them in a different way. I now have the time to arrange a bouquet for myself, and to fill my own home with fresh cut blooms. I can spend more time in my garden, and watch them grow and thrive in the sun. I truly enjoy them.


I also now love to photograph flowers, and capture their delicate beauty when they are at their of fullness and color. Sadly, fresh flowers don’t last forever, but that feeling of happiness can always be yours to keep.



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