Magical Light

I sometimes feel like a magician. With a simple photograph, I can instantly make beautiful light reflections appear. Sometimes these reflections look like tiny, bright little circles, while in other photographs it is a more subtle blur of colors. This photography trick is called “bokeh” and I am obsessed with it.


I remember my first photograh I took that had bokeh, and I received a compliment from a professional photographer about it. Being new to the world of photography, I had no idea what it meant. With some simple research, my world of capturing bright moments grew ten times that day. Bokeh was magical, and I had to have more.bokeh-dock

Through lots of trial and error, I have learned tricks how to achieve my desired look. Ready to give it a try? The easiest way to capture this magical light is to decrease the distance from your camera to your subject. Get really, really close!bokeh-apple

Also, look for moments where there is a bright light, such as early morning sun. This strong highlight hitting the background will make your photograph shine!


Lastly, water-drops offer great light reflection. Bring on the rain! The best time is right after the rain has ended, and the sun starts to peak through the clouds. Simple objects instantly take on a magical feel.bokeh-waterdrop

The best part about bokeh? You are capturing something that is not visible to the naked eye. Sure, others may wonder what I am doing lying down with my camera in seaside parks, in gardens, or on the beach . . . but that’s OK. They can hurry on by. Β I am in my moment, capturing the world and showing it in a whole new way.



16 comments on “Magical Light

  1. Hey Laura,
    I love your photos, and was wondering if you would be interested in discussing the use of one of them on a CD cover that I am designing. Do you offer rights to others to use your photos? I’d be sure to credit you with a link to your blog. If you are interested, we could discuss it further over the phone or email.

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