Winter in Rockport

I love living by the ocean. The sound of the seagulls in the morning, the smell of the fresh salt air, and the feel of the sand beneath my feet are all things I could no longer live without. I am lucky to call Marblehead my home, but still love to visit many of the other charming seaside communities throughout New England. One of my favorite places is the sweet town of Rockport . . .


Similar to Marblehead, Rockport is a small, historic coastal community located on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Rockport has a picturesque downtown with countless local shops and cafes all along its rocky harbor. How perfect to spend a day strolling from store to store, all while enjoying local homemade treats.


Although Rockport really quiets down for the winter season, many local fisherman are still busy at work. Similar to surrounding areas, Rockport prides itself in its strong history in the fishing industry. Despite the frigid temps and brutal wind chills, their fishermen head out daily on fishing and lobster boats and return with crates full of fresh catches.


Rockport is probably most well known for the beautiful Motif #1 located at Bradley Wharf. This famous fishing shack is nicknamed the ‘symbol of New England maritime life’, and has long been a very popular subject for visiting artists and photographers. A truly magical spot and a must see.


Sure the winter season in New England is a cold one, but it also offers the perfect opportunity to explore Rockport and other charming towns without the crowds and hustle and bustle that comes with the warmer seasons. This is the time I love to head out with my camera in hand.


During this time, I can really immerse myself in a town and capture all it’s unique features. I can have a clear view of the world, with all its nooks and crannies. It makes for a truly colorful experience.




10 comments on “Winter in Rockport

  1. Rockford looks so different in winter! We visited about two years ago in July, it was pretty busy at that time. I almost didn’t recognise it without the crowds! Looks like it is definitely worth a visit during winter as well. Your pictures are amazing!

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