Life with Harry

He did it. ‘Happy old Harry’ has reached another birthday . . . he is 91 years young today. It is hard to believe we bought this chocolate English Lab 13 years ago. It was the day after our honeymoon . . . the day life with Harry began. With his big round head, and bigger than life personality, he has filled this house with lots of adventure.


“Harry the Hurricane” was his instant nickname. As a pup, he would sprint through the house, and then squat and spin as fast as he could. Full of energy and full of life, we wondered if he would ever settle down. It took some time . . . a long time.harry-smile

Harry was here before our 3 kids, and although he loves them dearly he had a “difficult” time learning which toys were his, and which toys belonged to the kiddos. Harry was stealth-like as he would saunter by and quickly grab a stuffed toy off a table. For years, I can clearly hear myself saying “Harry, stop it!” or “Harry, no!” as sad toddlers cried for their toy to be returned. Shredded within minutes, the toy store become a frequent trip.harry-sweet

Time passed . . . too quickly . . . the kids got older, and so did Harry. Suddenly, he is walking slower, sleeping more, and snoring louder. No longer am I chasing him around the house. Instead, he gingerly comes by for snacks, belly rubs, or a simple pat on that big ole head. That big, heavy head. Rest up there old man . . . today is your day, and we couldn’t love you more!harry-sleep


9 comments on “Life with Harry

  1. Happy Birthday Harry! We had a wonderful Collie mix named Ginger. We adopted her from the local shelter, and she was a part of our family for many years. We reached a point where her quality of life was not at the level she deserved and we had to make a tough decision. But just thinking about her makes me smile. Give Harry a birthday pat.


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