Me, Pat & Vanna

I was on Wheel of Fortune. It’s true . . . although it does feel like a crazy dream. I grew up watching Wheel of Fortune. It was a nightly experience in our house. My family and I gathered together on the couch, each one of us desperately trying to solve the puzzles first. Sure, I won my share, but little did I know my love for the game would end me up in California with Pat and Vanna.


It all started with an email from the Wheel Watcher’s Club . . . yes, I am a member. They were asking fans nationwide to send in a 60 second clip on why you should be on Wheel of Fortune. No problem, I thought . . . this was my time to shine. Although my husband was convinced my short video would be lost in cyber-world, we made the heartfelt clip and to his surprise I got a response the next day. Auditions were to be held in Boston, and I was invited.wheelof fortune-cupcakes

For over three hours, I endured interviews, speed tests, and mock games with hundreds of other chosen fans. I stayed focused, and kept making it through all the eliminations. Then it was a waiting game. Only a handful would be chosen, and notified via snail mail within 2 weeks. For thirteen days, I checked our mail with bounding enthusiasm. I had just about given up hope when the envelope finally arrived on the fourteenth day. With squeals of delight, I ran throughout the house waving my acceptance letter. It was time for me to put my Wheel skills to the test in front of a national audience. I packed my bags and was off to Culver City, California.sonypictures

Lights, camera, action . . . there I was on the set, spinning the heavy wheel, buying vowels and guessing consonants. It was surreal as Pat would crack jokes with me and Vanna would flash that million dollar smile. I somehow managed to stay calm, enjoy every glorious moment, and to my surprise, I was the big winner! Although I couldn’t solve my bonus puzzle of “pro bowler,” I did walk away with some big bucks, an exotic trip, and an unbelievable memory that can brighten up any day. Dreams really do come true.




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