Winter in Provincetown

I love Cape Cod . . . from its soft sandy beaches, rolling sand dunes, and endless miles of open ocean views, what’s not to love? One of my new favorite spots is Provincetown, also known to many as “P-Town.” It is located on the extreme tip of Cape Cod in Barnstable County and is simply spectacular.


In Provincetown, you can walk the beach for miles. There is nothing like it on a bright winter’s day . . . the sun feels warm, the air feels crisp, and your spirit feels lifted. ptownkyacks

It’s a great time and place to regroup and recharge, and just enjoy the gorgeous views. ptownrowboat

I could really feel myself slowing down, and noticing all the little beautiful things surrounding me. There is nothing like finding those little treasures and capturing them in a whole new way.ptown-shell

One of my favorite spots in Provincetown was Fisherman’s Wharf. Walking out on the large pier, I was amazed at the size and strength of the massive fishing boats that were docked. These boats were the real deal, and I could only imagine the fierce conditions these boats face out in the cold Atlantic water. ptownfishingboat

It was a memorable nautical scene . . . fisherman tending their boats, seagulls circling above, and strong fishing ropes were everywhere.ptown ropes

A very unique spot, filled with color and charm only Provincetown can offer.


After my beach and pier walk, I decided to go for a stroll through town. Connecting the beach to it’s downtown is a fabulous open-air shopping area. A simply beautiful way to shop.ptowncenter

Walking through this area takes you to Commercial Street, which runs parallel to the beach. It is a small, winding one-way road filled with a wonderful variety of local shops. It truly looks like a movie set. Each shop was more charming than the next.


Nestled among these local gems are beautiful inns, lounges and a fabulous selection of cozy restaurants offering menus filled with locally caught seafood.  ‘Jimmy’s Hideaway’ did not disappoint . . . simply amazing!


A further walk out of town, will take you to the start of the beautiful Cape Cod National Seashore Park. It begins with a tremendous rocky jetty that feels like it could take you to the edge of the world.ptown-fence

At this park, you have access to more endless open beaches, hiking trails, and gorgeous salty marshes. In fact, almost 3/4 of Provincetown is preserved in it’s natural state.


My favorite part of this seashore park: great views of the sandy dunes. Truly magnificent rolling hills of sand, covered with various types of beach grass and vegetation are a must see. It’s Cape Cod at its finest.


After a full day of exploring, the beach was the perfect place to rest and watch the sun go down.ptown-sunfence

Even the seagulls knew this was the place to be.


So, while most choose Provincetown as their “summer place”, it has become an instant “anytime place” to me. Winter, spring, summer or fall . . . life is short . . . the time to enjoy it is now. Happy exploring!ptown-boatsand


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