My White Wonderful World

It’s blizzard time again in New England. I woke up this morning with wind gusts of 60+ mph, white-out conditions, negative wind chills, and snow being measured in feet, not inches. Yikes! Sure, these are the days when I wonder why I live here. Β It’s brutal out there. But . . . the sun will come out tomorrow, and that’s when the magic happens.snow-fence

There is nothing like seeing the world with a fresh blanket of white snow, illuminated by the morning sunlight. The dull-brown tones of mid-winter disappear and suddenly everything is bright.


Every little twig, dried leaf, and outreached branch has been painted super white . . . a beautiful winter masterpiece.


It’s the best time to bundle up and get out and explore your whole new world . . .


And feel like a kid again. Why not run through that untouched field of snow?snow-field

Or make a new winter friend?


Sure, snow can be a hassle . . . but snow is also a gift . . . a temporary gift. Time to make the most of it, and enjoy what has been handed to you. Time to have some fun!



13 comments on “My White Wonderful World

  1. Here in drought-stricken SoCal, I long for the cold, for wind that is not worrisome as the cause of fire, for changes in the seasons. I used to live where 6 feet of snow was a “mild” winter – but that was when I was a kid and didn’t drive! These are wonderful reminders of the magical world of winter, even as I look for the small new things that come to life after one of our rare rains. Nicely done!

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