The Blue Hour

Morning twilight is a favorite part of my day. Less known than evening twilight, it is the very brief time from daybreak to sunrise. During morning twilight my surroundings develop a truly magical feel. twilight-moon

Neither light, nor dark, morning twilight showcases the world in a beautiful blue hue. twilight-tree

A blue so rich that is even more dramatic by the sea . . . I love how the water and sky will imitate each other. My surroundings becomes engulfed in an incredible world of shades of blue.


And since there is not enough light for shadows, simple objects become dark silhouettes against a stunning blue background.twilight-bird

The perfect time to capture interesting shapes and landscapes.


One recent early morning, I was lucky enough to have access to one of the floating docks on the harbor. Here I was able to capture twilight from a whole new view.


Softly rocking on the dark blue water, I truly enjoyed the very peaceful moment. It was just me, some seabirds, and a lovely soft, diffused light. twilight-lobsterboat

No calls, no responsibilities, no place to go . . . I enjoyed every calm second. twilight-rowboat

And in a blink of an eye, the sun rose and the day began. I took a deep breath and felt the sun against my cold face. I wasn’t sure what the new day would bring, but I did know I was now ready. Mornings like this are good for the soul. 🙂


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