Bugging Out

While currently being buried under feet and feet of snow, it is difficult to imagine my world not white. In fact, I can barley imagine being able to walk through my backyard with ease. However, in 44 days the season of Spring will begin. And although the ground will probably still be snow-covered, new life will slowly emerge.snail

There is nothing like an afternoon in early Spring when you see the first sign of life, such as a butterfly fluttering by. It always stops me in my tracks, and I become overwhelmed with a sense of relief. I have survived yet another winter, and warmer days are upon us.butterflies

My mind immediately starts to think of all the little spring miracles that about to follow . . . budding green trees, adorable baby animals, and delicate blooming flowers. I able able to imagine my world filled with bright color once again . . .


But for the next 44 days, I will have to wait . . . I will wait with so many other little creatures ready to jump feet first into life again. And waiting, for me, Β is always the hardest part.


So, to ease the pain, I will create my own little Spring miracles whenever I can. For life is so much sweeter with with some inspiration and hope.


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