Looking Ahead

I’m planning my escape. I need to leave this tundra, and the nearly 7 feet of snow that has fallen in just 3 weeks. It’s time to trade in the cold snow for warm sand, the negative wind-chills for balmy 80’s, the blizzard conditions for blue skies, and my tired snow boots for fresh flip-flops. Naples and Captiva . . . here I come!


Florida . . . just hearing the name brings a smile to my face. It’s a beautiful place and I enjoy every moment I am there with my family. It’s our little paradise . . . a time to reconnect with nature and enjoy the great outdoors once again.

captiva - shells

What better way to start each day in Florida, then with a gorgeous sunrise. The colors start out subtle . . . almost like a watercolor.


But, then in a matter of seconds, the strong rays of the early sun briefly turns my surroundings into gold.


And everything begins to glow.

sunrise -pelican

Sunrises so stunning, even the “locals” come by to watch . . .ย sunrise-birds

In fact, the wildlife is another favorite attraction in Florida. So many different species of birds in so many different sizes. From the cute and small . . .


To the large and stately . . .


But all with big personalities. Do they actually pose for me? I like to think so.


A day in Florida goes by fast . . . lots to see and lots to do, all while being outside on a “winters day.” My favorite part, however, is saved for last . . . the sunsets. Wow! I will never forget watching my first sunset near Naples Pier. The sky truly became on fire . . . more intense than anything I’ve ever seen.


Over the top beauty, that could never be forgotten. Everything during this time becomes a silhouette . . . interesting dark shapes against a painted, colorful sky.naples-surfer

Although my time in Florida may be short, I am sure to enjoy every bright, beautiful moment . . . for I know at home a starkย world of white awaits me.

14 comments on “Looking Ahead

  1. Great shots again! Wouldn’t mind a a trip south at this moment and Florida looks great! We have neither winter or summer… 10deg C and all the snow is melting into big pots..

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