Sunset Showdown

Now these are moments that make a vacation.  An unplanned family game of ‘monkey in the middle’ during a spectacular sunset on Naples Beach. All ages and all fun.naples beach2

It’s a perfect childhood game that anyone can play and everyone wins. Only a good attitude required.

naples beach3

Squeals of delight, words of encouragement and cheers of success fill the salty air, along with the sound of the crashing waves.

naple beach4

The only thing better than playing this family game is to be watching it with my camera. How I love capturing these beautiful moments with a spectacular backdrop.naples beach7

Although the evening light only allows me to capture silhouettes, their movements show all the great expression and joy needed.

naples beach5

Captured moments of pure happiness we can remember long after the sun has set, and the vacation has ended.

naples beach8

Life is good. 🙂

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