Color Me Happy

As we round the end of winter, 3 colors have taken over my surroundings: white, gray and brown. It’s pretty bleak out there. This year our bright spring flowers and butterflies are possibly months away (gulp!). I can’t wait that long. Winter color does exist, it’s just harder to find (especially under 100 inches of snow).

rainbow sleds

Prior to the weeks of blizzards, my hunt for color was on. Living in a seaside community, local shipyards are great for winter color sightings. Here, boats of all sizes stored for the off-season seem to glow in the sunlight.


Surrounding them were towers and towers of colorful lobster traps and buoys, patiently waiting for the warmer weather. Beautiful shades of blues . . .

lobster traps

and yellows try to brighten up the day.

yellow traps

In one of our many seaside parks, vibrant red doors from Revolutionary War forts stand out against its wet surroundings.

fort sewall

And empty benches add the only pop of color around.

bench snow

Down by the sea, a rusty antique anchor and unique earthy toned rocks make their presence known. anchor

And turned-over boats show off their colorful undersides, which are usually unseen during summer use.


Sure, the temps are cold and the days are short . . . but there is plenty of gorgeous winter color around us to help light up the day.


In fact, the winter season doesn’t seem to be that gray after all. 🙂

red jacket

4 comments on “Color Me Happy

  1. Wonderful to see the bright colors when we need it so badly. The sky and the sea must be very blue today. We lived in Salem for a few years and I remember it taking forever to warm up in spring. But what a nice spot in summer and fall! 🙂

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