The Pet I Really Want

Alpacas . . . could easily be one of the greatest animals on the planet. It’s true. They are soft (luxurious fleece!), gentle (don’t bite!), and easy to maintain (can adapt to any climate!). They also love children, and are guaranteed to make you smile with their toothy grin.


I met my first alpaca while visiting Martha’s Vineyard. Tucked towards the center of the island is a lovely facility called Island Alpaca. Here, a large barn is surrounded by fenced paddocks filled with alpacas of all colors enjoying their surroundings, and their food.alpaca-hay

The friendly staff here was informative and full of life. They loved their job, and it was a treat to watch them interact with these fabulous animals. A highlight was when they brought the herd into the barn for feeding time. As the alpacas hurried from bucket to bucket swapping food, it was hard not to notice 1 animal that stood out among the crowd.


The single llama, towering above her friends . . . but still feeling right at home. Alpacas, with their sweet personality, accepted her as one of their own. With this gentle trait, I can see it now . . . a couple of alpacas in my backyard, my 3 dogs and 3 kids frolicking alongside them, while I knit beautiful scarves and sweaters from their plush wool. A girl can dream. 🙂alpaca-face

5 comments on “The Pet I Really Want

  1. What a fun dream! We once had a neighbor who owned a pair of alpacas and I loved to visit during feeding time. You are right; their silky fleece would make incredible sweaters.

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