Early Spring in Martha’s Vineyard

I love a quick getaway. A 24 hour escape . . . new sights, new sounds and new surroundings. Just enough time to enjoy a break in the routine of daily life, yet no real planning or packing is needed. Grab some essentials, my camera, and I am ready to go. Let the exploration begin . . .

mv - pier

Martha’s Vineyard is a real treat. Known for its endless beautiful beaches, charming streets to stroll, and picturesque scenery wherever you look, there is no surprise it is a hot spot during the warmer months. Every photo taken could become a postcard.mv - harbor

Sure, sometimes hustle and bustle of crowds can be fun. However, I generally do prefer more quite times, such as early Spring. A nature girl at heart, having the beaches to myself gives me time to reconnect and truly enjoy the beauty that is surrounding me without any distractions.mv - beach

Beaches are always great places to explore . . . and they are so different wherever you go. On Martha’s Vineyard, I loved the colorful rocks on the fine sand. I also loved how the tall beach grass would blow in the chilly March wind.

mv - beach grass

Along this grassy shore, I discovered summer boats stored for winter in all shapes, sizes . . . mv - big boat

and colors. Sure the day may have been gray, but I surely didn’t notice.

mv - rainbow boats

In fact, on gray days I feel like I am more likely to see all the hidden colors and unique shapes around me. They seem to pop out more against the neutral background and make for some interesting shots.

mv - ocean

And these photos take on a classic and timeless feel.

mv - lighthouse

I woke up the next morning refreshed and ready for whatever life would bring my way. Before boarding my ferry home, I was presented with the most lovely sunrise. A subtle blend of pastel colors that made it almost impossible to tell where the ocean met the sky.

mv - sunrise

This is what it’s all about . . . A simple getaway, with entrancing moments, in a truly most delightful place. Just enjoying life and enjoying the view.

mv - sunrise2


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