Me and My Shadow

I love my “Beast” . . . all 120+lbs of her. More eloquently known as “Daffodil,” my enormous gray Newfoundland loves me right back . . . and then some. In fact, she simply just lives to love. Daily treats, strolls to the harbor, and belly-rubs are all great, but being by my side has always been her top priority.daffodil - morning

Wherever I may be in my home, she is there. But never in a needy way . . . I can just always feel her sweet eyes on me. No matter how my day is going, I can feel her pure love and I can feel her support. She is my rock.

daffodil - paws

Because of her huge size, goofiness is sometimes inevitable. Everything she does is truly larger than life.

daffodil - air lick

And on those days where I could use an emotional lift, I can just simply turn around and she is always good for that much needed smile.

daffodil   - smile

Love is gentle and love is kind Ā . . . and in my world it is also big, fluffy, and full of drool. I wouldn’t have it any other way. She is my sunshine. šŸ™‚

daffodil - sunshine


18 comments on “Me and My Shadow

  1. So positive, pets can really have a big influence on our life, they discover our best sides and always support us, they are always with us and accept us as we are. You are lucky because you have your sweet friend by your side!

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