Seeing Silhouettes

Photography has changed the way I see the world. It has slowed me down, and suddenly I notice the little things, such as the way light will filter through the trees or an unexpected pop of color on a gray day. One of my most favorite new ways to see the world is through silhouettes. I just love how simple objects can become bold and interesting shapes when the light is just right.

sunrise - looking out

It all started last year when I first picked up a camera . . . I quickly became obsessed with sunrises. Despite freezing temps and frostbitten fingers, I was determined to fit in some photo time and capture the start of the day. I also loved how a strong back-light would dramatically change a photo.

sunrise - benches

No longer was I simply taking a picture of a bench, but interesting dark, bold lines against a glowing sky. Or how a lone man standing on a rock appears like he is on the edge of the world when captured as a strong silhouette.

sunrise - cliff

I also loved how a seagull resting on top of a lamppost seemed to have the world to himself as the tallest silhouette around.sunrise - seagull

As my year progressed, I found myself always with my camera in hand. For suddenly, everywhere I looked, I would see cool shapes. No longer was it just at sunrise, but on beautiful summer afternoons.  My resting spot in the shade instantly became a perfect silhouette photo moment.

silhouette - park

And hikes in the woods took on a whole new dramatic feel.silhouette - woods

Picking up my camera last year was one of the best things I’ve ever done . . . it’s like a whole new world out there for me to explore. I’m truly jumping for joy.sunset - jump


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