Let There Be Light!

Spring-time sunshine . . . there is nothing like it. After months of  numbing frigid air, feeling the suns’ warm rays upon my face is enough to make me skip for joy. Even my 10 month-old puppy is frolicking as we go for our morning walks. She loves the sunshine, and I love how it sparkles around her.

tennessee - light

In fact, seeing the sunlight reflect on the harbor and ocean always amazes me. It never gets old. I think I appreciate it so much, because not everyday is a sunny one. There are many gray days. But, when the sun does appear, it illuminates everything in its path and the light seems to dance upon the water.

dock - light

Even the “local” animals seem to love it. I have noticed there are always more ducks splashing about or gulls flying overhead when the spring-time sun is working its magic. Who can blame them? Swimming in a sea of sparkling diamonds sounds pretty awesome.ducks - light

Welcome spring-time sun!  You have never looked so good! 🙂harbor - light

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