In A Fog

I was in a fog all day yesterday.  It was the weekend and the 2nd day of Spring . . . I should have been bright-eyed and bushy tailed. However, watching the uninvited snow fall outside left me feeling lost. Say it ain’t so! Lost in a haze, I ran to my computer to view some of my photos from my recent vacation to warm Florida. I instantly connected with images from a foggy sunrise in Captiva.

captiva - paddleboard

Unlike all the clear mornings on that 10 day getaway, this one was different. Instead of bright blue skies and the ability to see for miles, this day featured low clouds hovering over the water which made for a memorable start to the day. Barely able to see into the distance, I had to focus on my immediate surroundings.

captiva - wildlife 2

I was at Jenson’s Marina, and although I missed out on manatee sightings, the amazing birds of Captiva did not disappoint. Small and large, they came together to feast on the fresh shrimp being thrown into the harbor by local fisherman.

captiva - wildlife

They put on quite a show in the illuminated haze . . . flying here and there, to the post of their choice on the long dock out to the sea.

captiva - bird flying

Slowly, the sun began to peek through the low clouds and gently burn off the fog. It seemed to get brighter by the moment.

captiva - sunlight

And, suddenly the skies cleared. The day turned bright with adventures to be had . . . What to see? Where to go? A day of great exploration had begun.captiva - boat

And just like the unexpected haze faded away in Captiva, the surprise snow here yesterday also subsided. Slowly, I came out of my fog. I walked outside, felt the emerging spring-time sunshine on my face and started grinning ear to ear . . . Just like the “locals” did in Captiva on that unforgettable morning. It feels good to be back on track.   🙂pelican - smile


11 comments on “In A Fog

  1. Beautiful photographs! They have such a wonderful atmosphere! I feel your struggles in waiting for spring! Here in Northern Michigan we are still waiting to truly have warm weather that is going to stick around! Thanks for posting these awesome pics! Look forward to seeing more!

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  2. Great pics, Laura. My favorite is the 2nd with the woman and her (well-trained) dog on a paddle board amidst all those birds. The first one with the lantern is particularly nice as well – sets a great mood.
    Will you be joining us for the B/W Challenge? Sometimes pingbacks don’t always work, so I figured I’d give you a heads up. 🙂

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