Black & White Challenge: Day 5

I have been invited by the talented Eliza Waters to take part in the Black & White 5 Day Challenge. She shares my love for nature and the great outdoors, and I am honored she thought of me. 🙂

My Day 5 photo is a favorite of mine. Living by the sea, seagulls are a common sight. Despite their bad reputation for stealing food from picnics, etc, I find them quite enjoyable. They have big personalities, lots of confidence, and aren’t afraid to show off. I love to capture their beautiful wings in action.

This particular seagull was a perfect model. He was just as content taking a break in the shade on that hot summer day as I was, and together we enjoyed the fabulous view. All relaxed and happy, he gave his wings a big stretch as he surveyed the tide pools below, which gave me a perfect photo moment. I love the detail in his wings, how his beak becomes part of the sailboats in the distance, and the strong silhouette of the wooden fence. Right place, right time 🙂

Today, I would like to invite Robyn to the Black & White Photo Challenge. I have become a recent follower of her blog, and I am blown away with her talent. She is super creative, and her work is truly captivating.

There are only 2 rules to follow by accepting this challenge:

1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using a recent or past photo in black and white.

2. Each day, invite another blogger friend to join in on the fun.

Here’s to seeing the world in a simple, beautiful way! 🙂


3 comments on “Black & White Challenge: Day 5

  1. Found your blog from Rockies Outdoors—gorgeous photos! I’m signing up to follow 🙂 Having married a New Englander and spent lots of years there myself, I definitely have a soft spot for the places you capture!

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