Double Time

It’s that time of year again . . . snow is melting, rain is falling, and the puddles are growing. Wherever you look, puddles are taking shape. As you may remember from one of my earlier posts, My Upside-Down World, I simply love them! Puddles have a magical quality about them . . . when they are admired at just the right level, they present an unexpected, beautiful view of the world.puddle reflection2

My latest puddle adventure took place this past week. As soon as the last raindrop fell after a 2-day deluge, I grabbed my camera and started walking towards the harbor. It was still quite a gray day out there, but I was able to capture a little bit of color along the way.

puddle reflections sailboats

At the waters edge, I took advantage of the low tide and strolled along the rocky shore. The tide pools were bigger than usual with the heavy rainfall, and as I knelt down in the wet sand, I loved the powerful reflections the pools created. A perfectly placed lobster trap was the icing on the cake.

puddle reflections harbor

I then made my way up to my favorite seaside park, Fort Sewall, which not only has spectacular views of Marblehead Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean, but also a huge grassy field that is a wonderful place for that impromptu game of tag with the kids. Today, the field was from from green, but more of a muddy pool. As most people worked hard to avoid it, I walked right towards it, and admired the fabulous mirror image.puddle reflection

The beautiful thing about puddles, is that they don’t need to be big to be special. Even the small ones have the ability to change your view. puddle reflection fence

I guess this weather isn’t just for the ducks after all. 🙂puddle reflection duck


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