Newport Cliff Walk

We have a favorite word in our house: adventure! My husband, 3 kids and I are a family on the go. Give us a beautiful Spring day, and I will wake up asking, “Where are we going today?” Lucky for us, New England is filled with many amazing day-trip destinations . . . our latest drive was to picturesque Newport, RI.newport

Newport is a bustling seaside town and as charming as can be. Founded in 1629, it is filled with beautifully restored antique homes, cobblestone streets, and narrow passageways. Newport also prides itself on its world-class sailing and yachting reputation, with high-end shopping and dining all within walking distance from the harbor. But, what really stood out for us, was its spectacular Cliff Walk.newport cliff walk 4

Imagine a 3-mile long winding path alongside Newport’s rocky coast, with expansive views of the Atlantic Ocean to one side and enormous century old mansions on rolling green fields to your other side. The sights, the smells, the sounds . . . It is heaven for your senses.

newport cliff walk 3

I also believe our experience on the Cliff Walk was so outstanding because of the gorgeous weather. Living by the sea, I know how a gray day can change your view (gray sky = gray sea), and trust me we have had plenty of them lately. However, when strolling along on a clear, bright and sunny Spring day, suddenly you are transported into a magical world of blue. Between the sky and the sea, every shade of blue imaginable is there to be seen.

newport cliff walk 5

With every turn of the Cliff Walk, and with every crashing wave of the ocean, our smiles grew larger. We were a happy group . . . Paradise found. This adventure day was a smashing success. 🙂

newport cliff walk 6


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