Showers to Flowers

I just saw the weather forecast for the week . . . showers for 5+ days. Not ideal, but there will be no complaining here. I am staying positive: the snow has just about melted, the winter winds have eased, and early Spring flowers are emerging. Sure, I would love to be basking in the warm Spring sunshine this week, but we all know the power of April showers . . . it brings on the flowers.

waterdrops - tulip

These are the posts where I wish there was a scratch and sniff option . . . Fresh, spring blooms full of beauty and sweet scents. Did you know that each and every flower has it’s own unique scent? It’s true. Even 2 flowers that look exactly the same each have their own distinct fragrance. Incredible.

waterdrops - bleeding hearts

We all know about the Power of Flowers, so there is no surprise that I am exited for their return. I am looking forward to the days where I am kneeling on the soft ground, with my hands in the moist dirt, helping each delicate bloom reach it’s full potential. The colors, the scents, the textures . . . pure happiness for my senses.waterdrops-hydrangea

So, bring on the showers . . . I know that with each raindrop that falls little miracles are occurring beneath the ground. It’s only a matter of time that we get to enjoy all their beautiful glory. 🙂

waterdrops - cherry tree


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