E – I – E – I – O

I’m a country kind of girl. Not cowgirl boots and line dancing kind of country, but rolling hills, wooded paths, and serene lakes kind of country. Although I truly love my current home by the sea, every now and then I have that urge to get back to my roots.hiking

I grew up in the beautiful countryside of Westchester County, NY . . . just an hour drive from NYC, but worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the big city life. My days were filled with hiking our dogs through acres of protected land, riding horses at picturesque stables, and chasing fireflies around our backyard at night. Total nature girl.hiking 2

Lucky for me when that country urge now strikes, Appleton Farm comes to my rescue. Set in the rolling grasslands of Ipswich, Massachusetts it is a mere 45 minutes away. Appleton Farm was established in 1636, and is the oldest working dairy farm in the United States. It has been maintained for over 9 generations by the Appleton family, and is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Rustic and charming all in one.appleton

In addition to the grand farmhouse and stables, there are over 6 miles of hiking trails, as well as bridle-paths and foot-paths that crisscross the farm. Fantastic exploration! Not only are these wooded areas filled with fabulous wildlife, such as deer, fox, and hawks, but you can also see the many dairy cows grazing in their huge open pastures. These cows enjoy their days grazing in the sunshine, and are milked each morning and night.


These cows are a big favorite of mine. Maybe they know I absolutely adore them, but I swear they pose for me. Despite their enormous size, cows have such sweet and gentle souls. I would love one in my backyard, but unfortunately it’s a no go, which makes these visits extra special . . . especially when some of the newbie calves are out to play.calf

All of the fresh milk collected daily from these friendly beasts are processed on site and available to purchase at their farm store, along with homemade cheeses and yogurts. There are also dozens and dozens of daily packed eggs. Truly farm to table.


Lastly, Appleton Farm is known for their delicious pure maple syrup. I’m sure many of their 100+ year-old maple trees are tapped as we speak . . . slowly dripping sap into the hanging metal buckets throughout the rolling fields.

maple syrup

Life in the country really is extra sweet! 🙂

10 comments on “E – I – E – I – O

  1. I used to get compost from them when I lived in Salem. A great farm with all sorts of great products. So great to have that available to you! Love your photos, esp. the reflected pond – so pretty!

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