Pretty As A Picture

Marblehead . . . It’s one of New England’s best kept secrets. Established in 1649, this sweet seaside town is filled with beautifully restored antique homes, quaint winding streets, notable historical sites, and a community rich in art and culture. It’s a storybook place to live . . . and then you add on the beauty of Marblehead Harbor, and it becomes a magical place to live.

marblehead lighthouse

With over 2,000 moorings and 6 yacht clubs, Marblehead is often considered the “Yachting Capital of the World.” The harbor truly becomes alive during the warm weather after it’s deep, winter slumber. From the casual sailor, to weekly sailing teams, to prestigious international regattas, the sound of flapping sails often fills the air.

sailboat 1

Sailing is a magnificent sport. I love how the colorful sails work together to create a “watercolor” like no other. Vibrant hues crisscrossing around on the deep blue water. A simply beautiful sight to see.

sailboats 2

When first moving to Marblehead, I was truly a fish out of water. Growing up in the country, my experience on the sea was quite limited. I was, however, determined to learn how to sail. With each passing lesson, I quickly became aware that sailing is not a spectator sport. Pulling, pushing, ducking, and jumping . . . there was a lot to it. Throw in some strong seas (think “Perfect Storm”), and I came to the realization this may not be for me. Luckily, there are many other boating opportunities in Marblehead to enjoy. Opportunities that are a bit more low key . . .


Ahhh . . . rowboats, kyaks, and charming motor boats. Now this is more my speed. One can sit back, relax, and enjoy the sound of the lapping water as you slowly drift through the harbor and enjoy the lovely view.


So, whatever your boating style, Marblehead has got you covered. Spending an afternoon on the sea is great for the body, mind and soul. A chance to recharge and reconnect . . . a bright spot on those foggy, challenging days.yellow boat

The perfect place to let your dreams set sail. 🙂

sailboat view

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