A Heavenly Night

What a difference a year makes. My last visit to Martha’s Vineyard was a cloudy one. We had two straight days of typical early Spring weather in New England . . . clouds, wind and cool temps. Not this time. Last weekend we enjoyed temps near 70, bright blue skies, and a gentle, warm breeze . . . Perfection! And then to my delight, some big, puffy clouds appeared just at sunset hour and true magic began.

mv sunset 2

We happened to be driving back from dinner in Edgartown when the beautiful show in the sky began. The sun was just low enough in the sky where it began to cast amazing shadows and subtle colors to the hovering clouds. A gorgeous backdrop to an iconic lighthouse on East Chop. It almost didn’t look real. And little did we know, the best was yet to come.

mv sunset 6

Further along on our coastal drive, the sun became hidden behind a few clouds and instant illumination took place. Refusing to be unseen, the large setting sun strongly pushed its rays through the cloud cover, and lit up the sky in a warm pinkish hue. What a lovely rosy color! It lasted all but a few moments, and then the sun began its final descent.

mv sunset 7

The pink hues quickly changed to gold, and all of Martha’s Vineyard could feel the sun’s warm evening glow. A most spectacular finish to a most spectacular day. As sad as we were to see it end, we were equally as happy to know that the sun would rise again . . . and who knows what tomorrow could bring! 🙂mv sunset 8

10 comments on “A Heavenly Night

  1. I get excited when my morning email tells me you have a new post! I always resist the urge to peek until I have coffee in hand and I savor every wonderful word, and every wonderful photo.
    Such a gift to us all. This was especially lovely!

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