Take Me Away

Martha’s Vineyard is my happy place.  The island is full of character, beauty, and color. Everywhere you look, it’s a photograph. With each visit, my collection of pictures from the island grows and grows. I love to look through them, and re-live those magical moments. Here are my most recent top ten favorite memories (in no particular order).

1. The Ferry Ride

martha's vineyard ferry

It’s true . . . the 45 minute ferry ride to Martha’s Island is a treat in of itself, especially on a bright and sunny Spring morning. The expansive ocean views from the top deck are spectacular. You can see for miles as you slowly leave the mainland (aka “the real world”), and venture out onto the deep blue Atlantic waters. With each gently rocking moment, you can feel your everyday stress disappear and truly become vacation ready.

2.  The Apple Fritters

martha's vineyard apple fritter

Is there a better way to start your island getaway? After docking at Vineyard Haven, right across the street is the famous Black Dog Cafe, where they sell these enormous pieces of heaven. Packed with apples and cinnamon, you will be surprised on how quickly they disappear after eating that first delicious bite. I’m convinced they taste even better when enjoyed by the sea. 😉

3.  The Beach

martha's vineyard beach

What’s an island without fabulous beaches? There are many on Martha’s Vineyard, and they do not disappoint. This is especially true during off-season times when it’s just you and the waves. Although I live by the sea, I am always in awe of the beautiful color of sand and pebbles here. Rich golden and orange tones are such a gorgeous contrast against the sparkling blue sea. Great for the senses!

4. The Pier


While enjoying the beach at Oaks Bluff, be sure to stretch your legs and go for a stroll down the new fishing pier. Extending far into the Atlantic, this new construction is as beautiful as is functional, and great for both the young and old. A fabulous spot to be one with the sea.

5. The Alpacas

martha's vineyard alpacas

Sure, most people think beaches when they hear “Martha’s Vineyard”, but I think alpacas! As you may recall from a previous post “The Pet I Really Want”, I am obsessed with these sweet, furry creatures living at a wonderful farm called, Island Alpacas. Full of personality and love, it is getting harder and harder not to purchase one, and take my new friend home with me. Never say never. 😉

6. The Gingerbread Cottages

martha's vineyard homes

Imagine strolling down tree-lined streets filled with brightly colored houses as far as the eye can see. The gingerbread homes of Oaks Bluff is a must see. Each home is more colorful than the next, with great ornamental details, and sweet name plaques, such as “Angel Cottage” hanging on their front porches. Constructed in the 1800’s, these homes truly resemble real life doll houses. A magical retreat.

7.  The Flying Horse

martha's vineyard flying horse

Now this is a fun ride. The Flying Horse is the oldest operating carousel in the United States. Beautifully constructed in 1878, this carousel puts a different spin on the merry-go-rounds of today. Although the horses do not move up and down, riders are able to partake in a fun game of pulling small metal rings out of a lever, as the carousel spins around. If you are lucky enough to find the brass ring, you win a free ride. A totally joyful experience for all ages.

8.  The Harbors

martha's vineyard harbor

With so much to see and do on the island, it’s quite easy to get worn out. Luckily, there are many seaside benches to just sit, relax and enjoy the gorgeous view. Harbors filled with sailboats of all sizes and colors decorate the blue water and gently rock in the ocean breeze. There are also many small piers waiting for travelling sailors to arrive and dock for the night.

mv harbor 2

So calm and tranquil . . . it’s a great spot to enjoy the end of a day. A day filled with great exploration and great beauty. A day filled with so many fabulous memories, your heart could almost burst with joy.

And to think, a whole new day is just hours away . . . let the fun begin. 🙂mv sunrise

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