It finally happened . . . the wait is over.  After a brutal Winter season, Spring has prevailed and the trees and young plants are now in all their glory. Within a matter of days, the bleak, bare landscape that had surrounded me has disappeared and colorful beauty is all around. It’s enough to make me skip for joy.

spring cherry tree

And I’m not the only one skipping. Spring seems to have a magical effect on most people. This is apparent by simply walking around my quaint town on a warm afternoon. People are smiling more, laughing more, and simple enjoying life more. Freed from the grasp of the harsh winter, people are shining as much as the emerging blooms around them.

spring fiddleheads

Spring is a happy season. A time of new life, new hope, and new beginnings. It is an empowering time of year . . . if tiny blooms can find life again after a long, dark season, then of course we can too. No matter what obstacles we are each trying to overcome, Spring is here to remind us that we have the strength to move forward. The strength to make our own colorful mark in the world.

spring forsythia

So, be inspired . . . get out there and do something exceptional this Spring. It is officially time to bloom. 🙂spring lilac

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