Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

The theme of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge this week is forces of nature . . . or how nature can be impressive and memorable.

I remember taking this photo on a chilly day this past October. Although living here in New England can sometimes prove to be challenging (Winter!), it certainly has its perks during the gorgeous Fall season.  The days grow shorter, the temperatures slowly decline, and nature begins its fabulous magic show. Slowly, an infinite number of big, green summer leaves incredibly begin to change color right before my eyes. Intense shades of red, orange and yellow fill the treetops, and then one by one they gently fall to the ground.

I was especially drawn to this fallen maple leaf . . . still wet from the morning showers, I loved its recently acquired deep, vibrant red hue and how it glistened in the grass. A leaf no one would have noticed before, now turns heads. An impressive show of beauty, and a reminder of how talented nature can be.

6 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

  1. I love the cycles of Nature, truly no beginning or end, each day blends into the next. Your photo (so beautiful), as we stand here at the new ‘beginning’ reminds us that we are moving toward that ‘end.’ On and on, the cycles spiral ever outward.

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