Springtime in Camden

Now this is Maine at its finest. Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a birthday celebration in the charming town of Camden . . . located mid-way on the scenic Maine coast. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is the perfect place to escape. Sure, the summertime brings in big crowds, but this time of year it was just me and some “locals”.

camden harbor duck

The harbor was one of my favorite spots in Camden. Filled with many long docks to explore, I was able to get up close with many of the beautiful boats tied to posts, as the water gently rocked underneath me.

camden harbor sailboats

I truly loved the fabulous color that surrounded me. After a long, gray day, the skies cleared and the early evening sun softly illuminated the boats of all sizes. Bright blues, reds, greens and more decorated the waters edge.camden harbor green boat

The colors were so vivid, and the reflections had such lovely detailed movement . . . I sometimes felt like I was in a painting.

camden harbor blue boat

A painting of a delightful and real American town. A town that prides itself on its natural beauty, its rich history, and its kind and genuine people. The kind of town you never want to leave.

camden harbor flag

Lucky for me, my adventure here was just beginning. For Camden is known as the town “where the mountains meet the sea”. With tree-filled rolling hills visible in the background, all signs were pointing to a hike of a lifetime. Stay tuned . . . 🙂camden harbor mountains


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