Hello World

It’s all about the view at the top. The glorious view that makes time stand still as you look around your surroundings. The amazing view that makes you forget about all your everyday stress, as you are transported into a simple world of beauty and wonder. It’s moments like this that I crave, but like so many other things in life, it does not come easy. You must work for it . . . it must be earned. And so the start of the challenging hike up the mountain begins.

camden hike woods

My latest adventure was at Camden State Park, located on the coast of Maine. The hike of choice was Mount Megunticook and it was truly awesome. A perfect combination of inclines and flat areas, and woods and streams. There are few sounds I love more than the trickle of a  babbling brook and the songs of morning birds. Natures music at its finest.camden hike stream

During this hike, the signs of early Spring were apparent. Tall tress were proudly displaying their small, green buds, while on the ground determined ferns pushed their way up through the leaves and started to uncurl in the springtime sun. I also loved the moss covered logs as they showcased their new soft growth . . . in fact, everywhere you looked there were signs of new life. A bright and beautiful spring-green world.camden hike twig

While I truly enjoyed my surroundings on that uphill climb, there was no hiding the fact that I was also feeling the burn. At times I felt myself begging for the inclines to end. The trail simply showed no mercy, so I pushed on and forged ahead. Carefully scaling wet, slippery rocks, and holding onto nearby branches for support I finally saw a clearing in the distance. My legs suddenly gained new strength . . . it was time for my reward.camden hike treetops

Ahhh . . . destination reached. I was on top of the world. One with the sky and one with the clouds. It was heaven.camden hike frontline

As I walked around the exposed ledges, I marveled at my expansive view. The Atlantic Ocean, Penobscot Bay, Camden Village and beyond laid before me, as I watched the early morning sun slowly burn off the evening fog. Truly magnificent.camden hike fog

The best part . . . it was still before 8am. Now this is a way to start a day . . . in fact, this is the way to start everyday. Adventure is out there. Go get it! 🙂


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