There’s a Story in Her Eyes

There was just something about her. After clicking through endless pictures of adorable rescue pups looking for a place to call home, my search for my new best friend ended when I came across her photo. Just like all the others, she was insanely cute . . . but her amazing eyes instantly caught my attention. Her big, beautiful, brown eyes. They are true windows to her her soul, and with that our happy adventure began.tennessee dog1

Fast forward one year, and “Tennesee” is all the dog I hoped she would grow up to be. Full of life, full of love, and full of happy spirit! She is thriving, and it fills me with such great joy. For Tennessee had a terribly rough start being born alone in the Southern wilderness, and she came to me with so many fears. Together we have slowly worked to overcome them all . . . with her big eyes always looking to me for the much needed deep emotional support, (and the occasional belly rub).tennessee dog2

Loving support that has brought her to her happy place. A place she feels safe, confident and secure. ย Although I wish she could tell me everything she has been through, and everything she has seen, her eyes have spoken louder than her voice ever could. Sweet, expressive eyes that have conveyed all sorts of emotions . . despite the fact she is sadly losing her sight.

tennessee dog3

Already blind in one eye due to a genetic disorder, I am desperately trying to show Tennessee as much of this beautiful world as I possibly can while she can still see it. A gorgeous world she no longer needs to fear, even when it could all eventually turn to dark shadows. For together we have seen that unconditional love is a powerful thing, and can overcome all obstacles. Together we are happy . . . and life is looking good. ๐Ÿ™‚ tennessee dog4

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