Sunset Season

It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year! The days are longer, the temperatures are warmer, and our surroundings are more colorful.  More commonly known as the early summer season, I also like to think of it as sunset season. sunset flowers

Gone are the days of the cold 5:00 pm darkness. And no longer will my fingers freeze to my camera, as I desperately try and capture the weak winter sun while it slowly descends. It’s finally summer and it’s go time! Time to grab the family after dinner, head to a favorite beach, and enjoy this magical time of year. Time to enjoy the golden hour.

sunset beach

It is always such a fabulous way to end the day— watching my family frolic together with sand between their toes, as the beautiful world around them slowly illuminates with brilliant evening light. Gradually, any stress from the day seems to dwindle away and I am truly in the moment.  It’s almost as if time stands still.

sunset seagulls

It’s frozen moments like this when you realize just how lucky you have it . . . living a wonderful life filled with things that really matter: amazing love, laughter, joy, and happiness.  I take a long, deep breath in the warm summer air and slowly exhale all my worries away. I am left feeling at peace, as I watch the sun dip behind the horizon.

sunset ocean

Summer sunsets . . . so good for the mind, body and soul. 🙂

sunset reflection

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