WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: ROY G BIV

The theme of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge this week is ROY G BIV  — also known as the seven colors of the rainbow. Our world is so full of color, but very rarely do we see all the colors of the rainbow on display together.

I captured this vibrant photo of lobster buoys during a weekend getaway to Provincetown. This delightful little town is located on the very tip of Cape Cod, and is just full of charisma. While taking a stroll along the beautiful pier, my eyes were instantly drawn to this tower of buoys. Living in New England by the sea, I have certainly seen my share of buoys . . . it’s a very common sight. However, these buoys were different. Placed on top of a few blue lobster traps, these colorful buoys worked seamlessly together to create their own gorgeous, creative rainbow. Reaching towards the sky, every rainbow color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet were represented and thriving.

Sure, capturing a rainbow after a rain shower is always fabulous, but it is somewhat expected. For me, it’s the moments of unexpected color that makes my day . . . even without the pot of gold. 🙂

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