Focusing on Me

Inspiration is a beautiful thing. With inspiration comes passion, excitement, and an urgency to create and achieve goals. Being inspired is such an exhilarating feeling . . . it is the motivation to jump out of bed in the morning with a smile. dog portrait 2

For me, photography is my passion. I love it. For the past couple of years, I have really enjoyed capturing beautiful scenes around New England, including landscapes, flowers, and wildlife. But recently, I found myself in a photography rut. I was equipped with a fancy new camera, and little desire to use it. So, I did some soul searching, and really thought about what makes me happy. When do I feel inspired with my camera? The answer came to me running 1

I love animals . . . especially pets. Like most dog owners, you can’t imagine life without one. They have so much love, emotion, and personality. I so wish they could speak and convey their thoughts . . . but I found another way to connect with them: behind the lens. With my camera, I feel like I can capture their ever-changing character.

They can be playful:

dog portrait 3

They can be deep in thought:

dog portrait 4

Or they can be inquisitive:

dog portrait 5

With pet photography, I love to capture their spirit . . . to be able to connect with their soul.  And that makes me happy. So where do I go from here? Well, I am currently taking some photography classes, improving my skills, and feeling super inspired.  Who knows what the future could hold, but I’m loving the possibilities.  Look out world . . . 🙂

dog running 3

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