WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

The theme of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Close Up, or getting really close to your subject. Also known as macro photography, close-ups allow you to see things you may otherwise not see . . . and I love it!

I remember capturing these water-drops on an early spring morning. The overnight rain had finally ended and I stepped outside to enjoy the fresh, crisp air. The sun was just beginning to rise over the horizon and bring beautiful light to my backyard. As I bent down to check on the new spring green grass, I instantly knew I was in for something magical.

I grabbed my camera, laid flat on the ground and got close to the wet grass . . . really, really  close. With the perfect amount of background light, I was able to see and capture thousands of illuminated water-drops . . . each one suspended on a tiny blade of grass. Heaven!

Photography has taught me a lot, but more than anything it has helped me to slow down and to really look around my surroundings closely . . . and what I find never ceases to amaze me. 🙂

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