Lighting the Way

Beautiful natural light is a photographer’s dream. It can quickly take any shot from ordinary to extraordinary when captured the right way. A simple subject can become illuminated in a such way that the photo appears magical. zinnia bokeh

Last weekend, I had the great opportunity to take a photography class focusing on embracing natural light. We met in Boston along the Charles River at 7:30 am . . . early enough to take advantage of the morning glow. Our assignment: capture the light in all its forms.

Such as a spotlight:

squirrel sunlight

And as a back light:

squirrel tree

And as a focus light:

swan sunlight

And how light reacts with water:

duck water sunlight

And, lastly, how sometimes just a sliver of light can make such a statement:

bird water fountain

It was so much fun strolling around Boston, with no rush at all. I loved having the time to truly be in the moment. Going slow enabled me to use natural light in many different and creative ways, and to see things I have never noticed before.

And the “local” support was much enjoyed:

pigeon sunlight

swan head sunlight

squirrel watching

Can’t wait until my next class . . . 🙂

5 comments on “Lighting the Way

  1. I love the duck on the water Laura, beautiful reflection of light. I have been out with my camera at the weekend taking some nighttime black and white shots of Paris, that I will post later in the week – I am nowhere near your standard, but improving slowly I think x

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