Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic

The theme of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Monochromatic, or having multiple tones of one color. I am particularly drawn to monochromatic photos for their subtle beauty and strong composition.

I took this picture while vacationing in Captiva, Florida. At first glance, most would think this is simply a black and white photo . . . however, surprisingly it is not!

I remember this was an especially foggy, early morning down by the harbor. As I strolled around the coastline hoping to catch a glimpse of a visiting manatee, my eyes were drawn to a passing paddle-boarder with her dog enjoying the ride. I immediately took out my camera. The fog was so thick, I was unsure what the end result would be, but I am glad I took the shot.

I just love the subtle gray tones, which seamlessly blend the water and sky. I also love the contrasting darker gray posts from the dock, and of course, the interesting silhouettes of the pelican and paddle boarder.

Who knew a gray day could be so cool? 🙂

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